We deliver to every local hospital in all of Marin County, San Francisco and many East Bay cities. We have put together a list of hospitals, rehabilitation and care facilities to assist you if you need any address and phone information for the recipient of your order.

Please note that most hospital and care facilities do not allow direct delivery to the patient as most of the time your flowers will be delivered to the flower holding room and a hospital volunteer or staff will take them to the patient. Keep in mind that the hospital staffs and volunteers are usually very quick to deliver the flowers to the intended recipient however, we do not control how soon they may get your floral gift the the patient.   

If you are sending flowers to any patient in any type of elevated care unit your flowers will most likely not be accepted until the patient has been moved to a regular room. Each hospital or care facility has their own policies and we must adhere to their rules. If this is in fact the case, we will check with the reception every day until the patient has been moved to a regular room to make your delivery. This will of course change the delivery date you have selected but we will diligently get your flower art delivered just as fast as we can.

Thank you.